nyc: weeks one and two

Two weeks in a new city somehow seems both like forever, and like no time has gone by at all.  The new experiences make time feel longer, because your brain is packing in more new experiences than it usually does – and forming more memories than usual.  On the other hand, that also makes it feel like no time has gone by at all, because it was so busy while it was happening.  Two weeks in, and life is just starting to return to normal speeds – and our routines are beginning to take shape.

Out of the three of us, this move was easiest on me.  I came here and immediately launched myself into the life I set up for myself before I even left Los Angeles.  Two of my dearest friends are here, after all, even if Wendy and Zee are in Manhattan.  Within a day of landing, I was already out with them near their home in the East Village.  Then, I was able to start a new job quickly, where I’ve hit the ground running.  And finally, being in Family Friendly Neighborhood meant we could start our family activities immediately: lessons at the Y for Ben, family Shabbat dinners at the synagogue, visits to the park and the local restaurants and shops, the occasional trip into Manhattan.

Paul and Ben, however, have had a few more ups and downs in their adjustment.  Paul isn’t working yet – although he has agreed to contract part time for his old L.A. job.  The two of them spent the last week learning the neighborhood, and trying to find places where Ben could burn off energy, and socialize with other kids.  We thought the local Y activities would provide both.  Then Paul quickly found out that the local Y activities are sporadically attended, and do not necessarily constitute a lot of socialization for the kids.  With Ben getting lonely, since he’s used to five days a week of socialization, we FINALLY found a daycare that will take him…three miles away.  Not a single place in Park Slope has room.  But this is a large facility, similar to where he went in Pasadena.  Once Ben starts next week for two days a week, both my men will have a Tuesday/Thursday routine that will put Ben somewhere that he can make new friends…and will allow Paul to start a new work routine.

So we’re settling in.  We’re adapting to a very different lifestyle, but it’s a lifestyle that I get.  I get living in a city with mass transit, where there’s a winter.  In many ways, NYC is much more like Vancouver than L.A.  But in more ways, it’s unlike any place either of us have ever lived, a world city, a Best-in-Class city, and even from out here in Brooklyn, it’s a totally new experience.  

Two weeks in, and it feels like forever and no time, but two weeks in, I still think this was a fantastic decision for all of us.  This is the lifestyle I wanted, and I love being able to experience it with my husband and my son.  Life is wonderful…and soon, it will all settle down.


2 responses to “nyc: weeks one and two

  1. Laura Stevenson

    Hi Jillian,
    I loved reading your blog off your LinkedIn profile, especially as my husband and I contemplate moving for his career. Both of us are in the marketing and advertising industry… he as a Creative Director on the agency side. My husband is looking for a new job which may not be in Dallas! And while I was offered a move to NYC when working at Verizon, we turned it down… a little afraid of what family living would look like. So, I’m intrigued to hear how your family’s adjustment goes! 🙂 – Laura

    • Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Laura! I remember you mentioning recently you were possibly facing a relocation. I think family living in NYC depends on where you are, and so far, our neighborhood has been a huge factor in our adjustment to the city. Uncertainty is really difficult though, and I totally feel for you and your husband while you’re figuring out your next steps.

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