Travel morning excitement

Paul, Ben and I are traveling home today from PIT to BUR. We have a 6am flight, which is why I’m writing this at 5am. And yes, we have been up since 3am. Not only did we have to wake up to catch the flight, but the power in Paul’s parents neighborhood went out. Then Ben’s white noise machine went off, and he woke up and freaked out that it was too dark. He has been bouncing around ever since. Paul and I, however, are a little less than bouncy, because we weren’t able to make any coffee prior to leaving for the airport.

Thankfully, the Pittsburgh airport, despite being close by, has full power. Paul is off with Ben getting coffee; I’m catching up on email and figured I’d write a blog post. We have actually had a great week in Pittsburgh with Paul’s family. We were able to give Paul’s parents extra time with Ben, which made them happy. Paul and I were able to spend a night at a bed and breakfast in the city, which made us happy. And we spent a lot of time visiting with the rest of the extended Kelly/Boothe clan, which was just general happiness for everyone. We came here for Paul’s uncle’s wedding, but we were also able to work in an Extended Week with the Pennsylvania Relatives.

We also celebrated Ben’s third birthday while we were here, by taking him to the excellent Children’s Museum on the Pittsburgh North Shore, and then going for hot dogs for lunch. Ben loves that museum. With good reason, as it is extensive, and full of many, many things to explore and do. It was a great family day for the three of us.

I’ll post this now since we are about to board. I owe my blog some more posts than this. I will have to work on that.

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