washingtons from washington

I got home today to find a cheque for $63.25 in my mailbox from the state of Washington! It seems that, about twelve years ago, I never picked up my last paycheque from a part-time job. Last week, I was checking in on MissingMoney.com, and found that the State of Washington Department of Revenue had the money instead. So I filled out a form, received a confirmation the next day from Olympia, and now I have some found money!

For those of you wishing to see if you may have cash out there somewhere, you can either go through MissingMoney.com, or you can Google for your state’s page. Googling the phrase ” [name of state] unclaimed funds” should do the trick (do not include the quotes or you will only Google for that exact phrase). Check it out & let me know if you find anything.

I also found another piece of good news in my mailbox related to my finances – or rather, my credit report. Everyone remember about seven and a half years ago, when my ex-boyfriend, Michael D. Curtis, of Kirkland, Washington (better known as “Big Scary Mike”), managed to lose his car to repossession? That would be the car I co-signed on, because I was a twenty-two year old idiot who trusted that idiot Texan to pay it off without me to babysit him. I scraped together the cash to get the repossession redeemed at the time, but it still showed up as a “redeemed repossession” on my credit. Better than a real repo, but still, a bit of a black mark to a mortgage lender. Now, it’s been seven years since the original repossession. That’s the statute of limitations, so to speak, on bad debt, and that’s what I cited in the letter I sent Equifax two weeks ago asking that they remove or change the status of the derogatory credit account. The letter I have today from Equifax shows the status of the account has been changed to “account paid as agreed with no late payments”, with a note of “paid and closed”, so either the statute was up on the repo, or Ford lost the repo records, and only shows the loan as paid off. I have been challenging that black mark on my report for YEARS, because I always challenge every derogatory account on my credit report, just in case I can convince the reporting agency to get rid of it. Now, I’m very satisfied to see that this account is showing up as a paid car loan, and I feel vindicated by the credit powers that be!

So, all around, an excellent mail haul today. Thank you, Washington State!

2 responses to “washingtons from washington

  1. Yeah i fixed that on my Equifax back in 2007 …. ya know when the car was paid in full…. *shrug*

    • Yes, well, you were not so kind as to fix it for my credit. By the way, you still owe me the $1000 I paid to keep your pre-2007 parking tickets from showing up as a collections delinquency on my credit rating.

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