NOW i’m a working mom cliche!

Two weeks ago, I volunteered to bake cookies for Ben’s pre-school Hallowe’en party.

Last week, I signed up for the chili cookoff at work, because I like showing off how well I can cook.

Two days ago, I FINALLY decided on my costume for Friday at the office.

Of course, because I was out last week, and then didn’t get organized enough this weekend, I had to pull everything together on a work night. So I came home tonight, realized it is two days before Hallowe’en Friday…and panicked.

Six hours later, I have formulated my battle plans, and completed a shopping run to Target and Whole Foods. This required making lists, gathering up coupons, and driving across town to West Hollywood.

Now I have everything I need to make dough for the cookies for Ben’s daycare. I have to make those tonight so the dough can chill and be rolled out tomorrow. Then I will cut it into cute little bats. (OF COURSE I have bat cookie cutters! I use them year round!) And I will also have to start soaking the beans and defrosting the bison tonight for my chili cookoff entry.

Then, I will have to try on the too-big dress I got at Target, and see if I can cut it down from a size 16 to a size 12. It was the last one, and it was perfect for my costume, and it was $20…but it’s a size 16. Which I am not, anymore. And also, Target doesn’t sell gold craft paint, or face paint, so I will have to try to find an art supply store tomorrow, which is one more thing to do.

All in all, it’s going to be a long night…and I still have work to do…and it will be a full day tomorrow. And now, I think about all those working mom cliches, of women staying up until all hours to bake cookies for their kids’ bake sale, and realize – that’s what I am. I’m trying to make cookies for Ben’s preschool to show that I’m just as dedicated a mommy as a non-working mother. I’m trying to show that I can pull off everything, and make it look, if not easy, at least do-able. I’m trying to prove that I can do well in both the domestic and the work sphere, which is the juggling act that every working mom pulls off.

I’d better start that cookie dough so I can get a little sleep tonight.

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