breathing is AWESOME

Thanks to the litany of medicines and allergy prevention measures I’m now on, I can breathe fully for the first time since…probably February. I use a new inhaler daily, along with a nasal spray, Zyrtec and Mucinex. I take Singulair at night. We run the Roomba twice a week and dust more often. I had allergy shots yesterday. We’re going to buy mattress and pillow covers, trade the down comforter for synthetic and put a HEPA air filter in the bedroom.

But for the last week, I’ve been able exhale fully without wheezing, without hearing liquid in my lungs at the end of the breath out. I can breathe deeply without coughing. I haven’t had an asthma-type attack, or uncontrollable coughing, in the past week. It has been amazing. I didn’t realize how fucked up my respiratory system was until I was suddenly able to…breathe.

So now things are More Or Less Back To Normal, and I will have to resume working out & hopping on the general weight loss bandwagon. I’m trying to get into better shape before we start working on Baby 2.0. I’d like to not come out of a pregnancy in such out-of-shape condition as I came out of the last one. Now that I can breathe well enough to exercise without breaking into a coughing fit, I might be able to do that.

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