23andme mixups = hilarious baby swap results!

We recently sent our DNA samples (read: spit) to 23andme for analysis. “We” being Paul and I. I caught the 4/23 special of a $99 all-inclusive DNA analysis, and promptly signed us up. I wanted to know what conditions we may be at risk for so I can try to avoid them, and I was also hoping some data may come up on my DNA other than “Northern Europe”. Unfortunately, I don’t think they can go as far as saying, “you have a genetic marker only found in [insert family legend heritage here]”, but they may be able to clear up whether my Eastern Russian great grandmother had genetics similar to the Inuit.

I’m just going to have to hope that they don’t accidentally swap out our DNA as happened recently. I would hate to think that my baby was SWAPPED AT BIRTH because anonymized DNA data results told me so. Oh, wait, I can LOOK AT MY SON and immediately see a family resemblance (Baby Ben looks a lot like Baby Paul, only with my eye shape and my golden skin tones.) Seriously, can’t you just tell your kid is yours through common sense and common obvious traits? Ben looks and acts like he’s a mix of mine and Paul’s DNA. Even if I saw results to the contrary, I’d assume they were wrong because he’s so obviously OURS.

Anyways. We await our DNA results in four to six more weeks. I’m sure more commentary will follow.

Oh, and BTW – speaking of Ben – I know I owe a lot of blog posts about his Pacific Northwest adventures. They’re coming. I promise.

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