today’s photo shoot with Ben

Today, I took Ben to the Target Portrait Studio in Pasadena after I picked him up from daycare. Objective: to get passport photos for his Canadian citizenship application. Unfortunately, we failed at that because Target didn’t have their passport photo camera set up for someone Ben’s size. However, we did have a coupon for discounted portrait packages, so I bought Ben a new white polo shirt, and attempted to get him to sit for the camera.

Of course, Ben’s reaction when we went into the studio area was “Mama, up!”

I tried to persuade him to sit and pose. “Look, Ben! A tiny couch for you to sit on!”

Ben was adamant he was not OK with this. “No, Mama. Up, Mama.”

So I sat on the couch with him, and he promptly climbed into my lap. No amount of showing him the camera, or asking him to be a big boy, could get him to feel comfortable enough to sit on his own on that couch. I managed to get him off my lap eventually by singing the “Winnie the Pooh” theme song, and bribing him with a trip to the Westside tomorrow to see his aunts. Then the photographer cajoled him into some poses by making noises and talking to him.

And here are the three that came out well enough to be posted!

He really looks like a tiny version of Paul here
This is a totally classic Ben image –
he’s got a slightly curious expression and
is trying to climb something
Here is Ben preparing to host Masterpiece Theater in the future

I’m still kind of at a loss as to how we got such an adorable baby.

Oh, and just to show how much he’s grown, this is from about a year ago (March, 2009):

Same tiny boy, less hair and teeth.

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