i hate you, trend micro

I have spent the last TWO DAYS trying to explain to Trend Micro that:

a) when I go through the digital store, with my order and password, it tells me “Purchase not found”, so I can’t re-download my antivirus software
b) when I use their “Findmyorder.com” site, it takes me to a page where the download link goes, not to the software, but to a “placeholder.pdf” file.

I have sent literally six emails on this, and every time they tell me the same thing. GO to the store, and enter your order number and password. Well, I did that, and I either get a “purchase not found” error on the store, or a stupid placeholder as the only download option on the other Digital River site.

This is getting ridiculous. I paid for extended download service on this software, yet they don’t seem to have anyone who reads emails enough to help me get back to it. I”m getting ready to buy the domain “trend-micro-doesnt-care.com” and write up the whole experience so the search engines will catch it. Maybe that would get the attention of someone who bothers to read over there.

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