conversations with benjamin

Ben is now able to answer questions with an actual coherent answer! I ask him questions all the time – “what color is this?”, “how many strawberries do you have?” “who’s that?” (pointing at animal picture). But now, he can actually remember things and answer questions about them hours later.

We found this out Sunday when we came home from the zoo, and Paul was asking Ben about the animals he saw.

PAUL: “What animals did you see Ben?”
BEN: “Ah-ppo” (“Hippo”)
PAUL: “You saw a hippo? What else did you see?”
BEN: “Monkey!”
ME: “What was the monkey eating, Ben”
BEN: [furrowing brow to think]…”Odo!” (Orange)

The monkey WAS eating an orange – I asked Ben about that when we saw it. Ben himself loves oranges, of course, which is how he remembered it. But even today, I asked Ben, “Who did you play with today at school?” and got a big grin and an answer: “Oggie!” (his new guy buddy August)

Ben now actually understands some semblance of English…and can almost reply to questions. His comprehension of the world around him gets better every day, and as he understands more, he can explain more to us. It’s amazing watching his little brain develop. He’s also always so proud of himself when he answers a hard question – we get big grins with the answer. I’m so proud and happy to be the mama of this tiny boy.

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