easy resolution #1

I’ve decided to come up with a series of ridiculously simple resolutions. I’m going to try to cough up ten in total. Maybe these apply to everyone; maybe not. But my first one is simple enough: no more stockpiling. In resolution form, it looks like this:

1. I will stop stockpiling things, by being more mindful of what I already have, and making it a priority to use those things first.

That means going through the remaining five jugs of Goth Woolite before buying more, even if it IS on sale at Costco and I’m afraid Woolite will stop making it. (Need to get your darks darker? Woolite makes a dark clothing laundry detergent. It’s made for goths!) That means not rushing out to buy more Celestial Seasons Sugarplum Spice tea until I’ve finished all the open boxes of Red Zinger. That means….oh, you get the idea. I will be more mindful of what I already have (I’m already drinking more tea) and stop stockpiling. It stacks up. It takes up space. And $10 spent on beauty products I forgot I already have, is $10 that could have not been spent. Even if I get through everything eventually, it doesn’t make sense to have it now

So that’s one down that shouldn’t be too hard. What are you all doing for resolutions? Anyone got any more easy ones that would be easy to implement? Let’s all get that sense of accomplishment from completing a goal…even if it was the simplest one possible.

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