ben’s count von count imitation

count von count Over the course of Sunday, we learned that if we count to three, Ben does a little Count Von Count imitation.

ME: “One! Two! THREE!”
BEN: (grinning) “Ah-ha-ha!”

He even does this when we’re not prompting him, like when Paul was just counting the pieces we had for an IKEA item:

PAUL: “OK, let’s see if we have all the pieces here…one, two, three…”
BEN: “Ah-ha-ha!”

I’m so proud of my baby. If he has to imitate a character on the show, I appreciate that he’s imitating the Count.

I was going to try to write a longer post here, about going to IKEA this past weekend, and about the sinus infection that’s been plaguing me, but realized that even with snark, it sounded banal. Therefore, I’m cutting it off at another Adorable Ben Anecdote.

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