new year’s eve. now with more steak!

Last night, Paul and I stayed home for the 3rd year in a row. We considered going out to the Malediction Society party a few blocks from here. Unfortunately, our babysitter got sick. That would be my mother, who caught Ben’s sinus infection two weeks ago, and, like me, hasn’t quite recovered. So we decided to stay home again this year.

I stopped off at Whole Foods in Pasadena after picking up Ben last night to procure a steak for dinner. After much deliberation, I settled on a New York style loin. There was actually a pretty serious run on steaks at Whole Foods – between the Rose Bowl parties and the staying-in trend, the steaks were flying out of there. The woman in front of me was doing exactly what I was: staying home and cooking dinner for her boyfriend. I suppose, with the ridiculous prices for New Year’s Eve dinners, and the crappy economy, more people are staying home and cooking high-quality meat rather than paying $50 – $60 apiece for it in restaurants.

So I came home laden down with groceries, and, after making sure a certain Tiny Boy was asleep, began dinner preparations:

  • Steak, with chanterelle mushrooms. I spooned some butter over the steak while cooking, a Martha Stewart idea, and then cooked the mushrooms quickly in the combined drippings afterwards. The steak was perfectly medium-rare and tender, and the mushrooms were cooked just enough in the fat to be succulent
  • Parsley mashed potatoes
  • The Smitten Kitchen recipe for creamed spinach (it was perfect!)
  • Upside-down Black Forest Cake for two, with whipped cream and cherry sauce

    I also broke open a bottle of the excellent Andrew Murray Syrah to go with the meal. And then we sat down to a quiet, romantic, candlelight dinner, in our own home. We didn’t have to deal with parking/driving/other people on the most overhyped party night of the year. It was a lovely evening for us both.

    And we even made it to midnight this year! We stayed up to watch the Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper NYE coverage…which I seriously couldn’t believe was running on CNN. There was no part of that broadcast that wasn’t ridiculous. But as soon as it was New Year’s out here, we went to sleep. Immediately. And then Ben woke up at 5am. Fortunately, to thank me for the steak, my husband got up with him, or I’d be in a much grumpier mood right now.

    BTW, you can catch up on my New Years’ past on my old Livejournal. They have decreased in ridiculousness over the years…but fortunately, have equally decreased in consequence the next day.

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