the ben commentary track to wii fit soccer

For those of you who somehow missed this, the Wii Fit Soccer game is actually all about hitting balls with your head. You have to shift your balance to meet the ball…or dodge the cleated shoes or DECAPITATED PANDA HEADS (they also look like soccer balls…sick mind soccer balls) that fly at you.

Ben, in his attempts to be Just Like Mom & Dad, wants to play on the Wii Fit…but, being a toddler, doesn’t know how. So after he lets me weigh him using the “Baby Stats” in Wii Fit Plus, I let him “play” soccer. He stands on the balance board and wobbles a bit, and will eventually make the connection between the screen and his movements. But in the meantime, it’s hilarious watching him…and listening to the commentary:



“BALL!” (with pointing for emphasis)




“Uh-oh.” (when shoe hits head and the game makes the buzzer noise)


By the way, the new Wii Fit Plus tracks Ben’s weight by weighing us together and deducting my most recent weight. I usually weigh myself immediately before for accuracy. Ben has a Mii on the system, so he shows up in Wii Fit Plaza, as a baby on the floor, along with all the other players on the game, and the game even shows an image of my Mii holding his Mii when he’s being weighed. It’s a lot better than the old “repeat the weigh in test, oh, I see you are holding something weighing 12 pounds!” system on the former software…now it tracks Ben’s weight just like it does mine, with a calendar and graph. (He’s 27 pounds exactly, for the record. Perfectly average height and weight)

I still get such a kick out of seeing him react to the soccer balls though. Maybe I will have to get him a WiiWaa when it comes out (Promo video made more awesome by using track by J.U.S.T.I.C.E.)

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