the best commercial remix since the diabeetus dance mix

How the hell is it I never saw the Slap Chop Autotune Mix before now?

I’m trying to update my blogs on a more regular basis, even if it is inane crap like this. Tonight, I didn’t have to cook dinner (yay, leftovers!) so I came home, put Ben to sleep, and then jumped onto the Wii to go through another EA Active workout. I now have the sequel to the EA Sports Active game that came out last year, and I’m actually pretty into it. I like having the new exercises, and I like that the sensitivity issues with the Wii controller seem to be less prevalent than they were on the original. If there’s two things I’m trying to do daily in 2010 they are:

1) Blog more again
2) Work out on the Wii

There. So here you go. Inane commercial remixes I find brilliant and humorous. Now daily!

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