manhattan madness (again)

I’m in Manhattan again tonight, in the Theater District, near our NYC office. I flew here Monday morning from Savannah, where we were for my cousin Capri’s wedding. We had a lovely family reunion, and I was sad to return to the working, real, world.

Tonight, I went for sushi in the Village with a co-worker, and then we walked for a couple blocks along Jane Street and Greenwich Ave. I am, of course, enchanted with the Village and its curving, cobblestone streets. I love the fact that it was once a suburb of New York. Imagine the day when New York City was so small that Greenwich Village was a suburb…and everything north was undeveloped.

Also, I took the subway down, out of curiosity – and yep, there’s rats in there. Enormous rats. I have taken mass transit in London and Paris, in San Francisco and Los Angeles and even in Washington, DC…and that is the first time I have seen that kind of filth at the bottom of a subway. But it gets from points A to B efficiently and is an amazing system, so who am I to point out an ENORMOUS FREAKING RAT.

Then I returned to “home”, the Sheraton that backs onto Broadway, and went on a brief excursion for dessert. Artificial ice cream loses its structural integrity in the summer weather its best suited to – my cone last night disintegrated in a most undignified fashion, so I got a cup tonight, which promptly melted into liquid by the time I returned to the hotel. But I got my ultra low-calorie frozen dairy product fix in the brief time allotted. Pinkberry may not come in as many flavors, but it does hold up a LITTLE better.

AND I noticed that, in this neighborhood, there is both a Tim Hortons AND a TD bank. As a Canadian, I feel right at home!

I’m exhausted and need what little sleep I’m entitled to before heading down to Philadelphia in the morning. I actually *heart* Philadelphia, but won’t get to see the city at all this trip – client visit is to the suburbs. In NYC, I’m lost as to what I would even visit; in PHL, I drift through the old parts of the city and happily recall snippets of American history. I doubt much of historic America will be visible from the New Jersey Turnpike or the roads into the suburbs of Pennsylvania tomorrow though. Perhaps I will just sleep more in the car.

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