not in words, not in fairytales

Last night, for my birthday, we went out to Bar Sinister. By pure coincidence, The Last Dance were playing. I happen to really like The Last Dance, who have best known locally for being (a) the Bar Sinister house band and (b) being on “The Search for the Next Elvira and (c) being on any goth compilation that also features the Cruxshadows or ThouShaltNot – they’re a goth rock band.

It turns out that Abney Park were also playing at the Knitting Factory the same night. I also happen to really like Abney Park. I saw them at the The Nightmare Before Bats Day three years ago. They’re a steampunk group from Seattle, who have been pushing the theme band envelope a lot harder lately (“Abney Park is from an era that never was…”). I went with Bar Sinister because it’s more party friendly, a $5 cover and lots of space, as opposed to the cost of a ticket and a band not everyone will be into. (I thought about doing the Saturday at Ruin, since that was also happening, but everyone knows Bar Sinister better). But I still was disappointed – this is the third time I’ve missed Abney Park in the last year, including the show The Last Dance opened for in March that I actually had tickets to (I was working).

Anyways, it turns out I didn’t have to completely miss Abney Park. The band walked in to Bar Sinister, did a bit of yelling back and forth with The Last Dance, and then the electric violinist bounced up on stage to play

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