one week, six airports (in boston’s suburbs)

In the last seven days, I have been through six airports:

1) LAX
2) SEA
3) YYJ (Victoria Int’l)
4) JFK
5) LGA (LaGuardia)
6) BOS

I’m in Wakefield, MA, tonight, looking at a picture of the Wakefield Town Hall that is hung over my desk at the Sheraton, and reflecting on how it looks VERY similar to the Victoria City Hall. Both are from the late 1800s, after all. The Wakefield City Hall, however, has about ten times the decoration and fripperies and what looks like a freaking widow’s walk on the top of the tower. Were the widows taking up local government after their brave men didn’t come home from the Civil War?

I’m also lamenting my lack of time here – I really want to see Boston. I loved wandering Philadelphia on my own two years ago. I love learning about American History. The more I learn, the more fascinated I am by all the working parts of all these places that make up this huge country. For that reason, I would love to spend more time here, in a city that was already established long before the Revolution. But it is Not to Be this trip. This is a client visit, and then a flight home to my tiny boy, and that is it. Back to L.A., back to my tiny family, back to the city which is really just a colony of the East Coast I’ve been visiting these last few days.

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