ben says, “outside!”

I’m in NYC today. I went to Facebook Marketing Camp yesterday. It was awesome. Facebook & social media advertising models are going to change How The Internet Is Paid For.

I speak to Ben every night on the phone now, and get a series of hoots in return. Then I hear him start saying, “Outsai? Outsai?” This is Ben’s Second Word: “Outside”, and basically means, “can I go out & toddle/explore/play”? He usually says it while looking out the front door, which is one big window. He did this while we were in Victoria too – even though he had to chase Riley away from the back door to do it.

Oh, and that was Ben’s first word: “Riwey!” We tried to get him to say “doggie” successfully, since he kept saying “ddd – ddd – ddd” in an attempt to get there. But then, Friday morning, I was calling Riley over, and Ben said, “Riwey!” And we all looked at him, and I said, “Ben, did you say…Riley” and Ben said, “Riwey!” We did get him to eventually say “Riley,” very clearly, and I will post the video once I get back to L.A. this weekend.

Tiny boy can now walk, and has started to talk. As my husband says, we’re doomed.

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