combining the annoyance of a four wheeler with the recklessness of a toddler!

This four-wheeler for toddlers is on sale at Toys’R’Us this week, for $59.99.

Yeah, that looks like a GREAT idea. It will combine all the motion of a tiny car (even if it goes only 2mph) with the recklessness of a toddler. Especially when its MY toddler, who has one of the Highest Injury Records At His Daycare. I think we can safely say that Ben is not getting one of those.

Speaking of tiny boy, he is getting smarter every day. He also imitates us more and more. We make tank engine noises, he imitates us doing it. I say “Nana!” when he’s on the Skype webcam chat with my mom, and he says, “Na-na!” and grins at her. He actually recognizes my mother when he sees her on the computer screen. And we’ve firmly established that he is smarter than our golden retriever, because when he fetches a runaway toy, he brings it back, unlike Riley, who gets distracted and wanders off mid-retrieving.

Ben is actually asleep right now. I’m up early wrapping up a PowerPoint for client visits today…also, I have to be at the office extra-early for said client meetings. As soon as I finish my second cup of coffee, I’m hitting the shower – it’s also HOT in L.A. this week, and even at 4am, my apartment is so warm that I can feel drops of sweat rolling down my midriff. I miss the Pacific Northwest.

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