Upon inventorying the fridge, I realized that we still have vegetables from LAST week’s farmer’s market in the fridge, in addition to what I bought yesterday. I neglected to cook all of the summer vegetables last week, or even make a proper note of what we had. Hence, I have crispers full of green peppers and onions, extra celery, extra okra, and golden beets and turnips I wanted to mash up for Ben. Plus, enough lettuce to make a week’s worth of salads, and random things like leeks, artichokes and fresh corn on the cob.

Therefore, it’s time to pull a chicken out of the freezer (I buy organic free-range chickens on sale and freeze) and make some food for the week. I must find ways to combine all these vegetables into stews and casseroles that Paul, Ben and I can eat this week. The challenge for me is to always cook everything I buy, and not let anything spoil. American families throw away 14% of the food they buy, which is literally hundreds of dollars. I’ve become very good at using vegetables as much as possible, even if it means throwing the spotty ones into the food processor for Leftover Vegetable Gazpacho.

You know what’s awesome? Trying to add Being Environmentally Conscious Housewife onto the list of Things to Be. At least I like cooking. That makes it easier.

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