a walk on Beverly Drive

Just saw large female tourist go by wearing “Cooters Car Repair” t-shirt. Probably meant as Dukes of Hazzard reference. I doubt she realized its a slang term for vagina.

I’m out because I was going to get lunch at San Sai…and then I remembered hor godawful I always feel. after eating there. The food is just so salty and there must be MSG or something in it that makes me sick (not bad sushi sick, just headachey and bloaty sick). Have decided to eat my salad from home, which is canned tuna with lettuce,celery and flax oil/apple cider vinegar dressing. I will save the money and not feel dreadful. Nothing really seems appetizing today anyways, except Chipotle, and I’d just get a salad there anyways.

Wednesday’s going fast. Time to get back to work.

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