how the hell do i manage to function in the real world?

This is proof of what an absent-minded professor type I am: I have been driving around with expired tags on my car for THREE MONTHS.

In fact, I couldn’t even remember if I PAID the registration on my car. I checked to see if the transaction was listed, and it was, so I guess I did…and then I put the sticker in my purse to put on my car, and forgot. Same thing I do almost every year.

I have now printed off the form to send to the DMV requesting a new sticker for my car. I’ve been trying for the last few years to get over my natural absent-mindedness. At least, I made the effort to get a new sticker this time. I think a few years ago, I would have forgotten and done nothing about it until I was pulled over for having expired car registration.

Which also reminds me – I should PROBABLY have proof of insurance in my car as well. My insurance card in my wallet expired in October.

How do I manage to exist in the real world? Seriously!

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