need a realtor on the Island

OK, so my mom is trying to sell the condo she just inherited in Victoria. Oak Bay, 2bd, 2ba, and an entire WALL of glass facing the Strait of Georgia. Ridiculous views of the islands.

The problem is the realtor. I offered to do some Google Adwords and Craiglist postings to help find the target market to buy said condo. If you’re looking for people retiring from Alberta or Ontario to Victoria, you need to advertise in front of those people, right? I send proposal in email, and he promises my mom he’ll call me.

Two weeks go by, no call. Excuse after excuse. “Oh, he’s busy”. “Oh, he’s on vacation”. He keeps telling my mom these things, but never actually calls me. Last week, he told my mom he wanted to meet with her to discuss the sales strategy. She says, call my daughter, who is an advertising professional, and Google certified to boot. The clock ticks. STILL no call.

I am offering to do – and pay for – advertising work that the real estate broker should be doing. Yet this realtor STILL can’t do the follow through to help sell this property. It’s his job to promote and list this condo with all the outlets possible, and he’s not doing it. I can’t tell if it’s just that three decades of easy sales in Oak Bay have made him lazy, or if he doesn’t want to have to deal with new technology, or if he thinks my digital marketing suggestions aren’t going to help. But I need him to work with me on this, and I’m not going to help this guy make his commission if he’s not working with his client get this property sold.

So I think we’re going to let his contract expire next month and get a new realtor. This is where you people come in. If you know a realtor in Victoria who wants to make this commission, tell me. This is a nice condo near the Oak Bay Marina. With my online marketing campaign, the broker would barely even have to do any promotion. I just need someone who will work with me to actively try to sell this property, instead of sitting back and waiting for MLS to bring in a sale. In this economy, I suspect that you have to work to get your property ad in front of the right people, not sit there and wait for them to find your listing.

If anyone’s got a friend with a license in Victoria, PLEASE send me their contact info. We’ll be taking another stab at selling this condo once the contract expires in May.

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