family lunch #2

For our first ever family lunch, we took Ben to In-n-Out. That was back in February. Ben sat in a high chair, chirped at us, and ate fries. Then he got crabby towards the end, so we bolted our burgers and left before he could announce that he was bored.

Today, we managed to go to Koda Sushi in Silverlake for lunch, after going to the farmer’s market. (Link goes to my Yelp review) And despite Ben managing to dump about 300mL of soy sauce all over himself and the surrounding floor, it actually went very well. Also, Ben will eat eggplant provided it is covered in a sweet sauce. We’re finally at a point where we can put Ben in a high chair, and eat a meal, outside the house, as a family. I’m so happy about this!

Also, a half-dozen girls eating brunch at Good, next door, oohed and ahhed over my little boy and remarked on how adorable he is. Ben, of course, grinned and waved at them and generally acted like the tiny ham he is. It was very flattering to have people remark on how adorable my child is. I just hope he doesn’t end up in the handsome person bubble when he gets bigger as a result.

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