My Rhapsody isn’t working. It keeps crashing. This is annoying me to no end. I’m relying on Rhapsody to be my source for the new Depeche Mode single (which, normally, I would have listened to about fifty times by now, but hey, I’ve been busy)

In lieu of being able to reproduce the Bar Sinister setlist, I present: what iTunes has coughed up.

1. wumpscut: christfuck
2. annie: heartbeat (scumfrog mix)
3. mesh: crash
4. front line assembly: dopamine
5. chemical bros.: surface to air
6. nin: something i can never have
7. beborn beton: poison 2002
8. voltaire: bachelor(ette)

Wait a minute. I just realized I can use the Rhapsody website so I won’t have to get that stupid C+ runtime error. Ha ha. I’m going to go painstakingly load last week’s Bar Sinister setlist into it to listen to while I catch up on work.

Now playing: Depeche Mode – Wrong

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