more adorable photos

We are in Savannah, visiting my cousin Capri. Capri is my first cousin on my mother’s side. She now teaches at SCAD. I’ve been looking for reasons both to visit her & to go to Savannah for years, so when my layoff vacation started, I jumped onto the Internet and bought a ticket for me & my baby to fly out to Georgia.

Capri’s son, Oliver, is almost exactly two years older than Ben. Of course, this makes him AWESOME in Ben’s eyes. Ben hero-worships Oliver. What’s really unusual though, is that Ben looks more like Oliver than I do like Capri:

From 09-03-07 Ben on Tybee Island

Seriously, for having 25% of their genetic material in common, they actually look more like brothers than distant cousins. Part of it is also demeanor – they both tend to look very seriously out at the world, despite their differences in ages.

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