tina fey: republican slayer

Tina Fey’s imitation of Sarah Palin wasn’t directly responsible for the Republican loss last fall, but it was a secondary factor. I read somewhere that Fey’s parody of Palin was responsible for making the public think Palin really had said the phrase, “and I can see Russia from my house!”. Palin never said that, but because Fey mixed so many of her actual quotes in with her satire, people started thinking it was something the Governor had said.

Now, Fey’s creation, 30 Rock, has brought down another Republican star. The rampant comparisons of Bobby Jindall with Kenneth the Page have made the Louisiana governor into a mockery. Kenneth’s response to the response hasn’t helped either.

Now, I doubt either of these are actually responsible, or will be responsible, for Republican political losses. Individuals who believe in the party’s ideology will not be swayed by some snarky liberal commentary. But Tina Fey has re-defined the images of two of the parties biggest rising players. Therefore, I say, to her, congratulations on having such a huge impact on American political consciousness.

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