how to amuse an eight month old

Somehow, I found out that the word “banana”, and similar sounding words, highly amuse Ben. Especially if yelled. So, to amuse him, I will often find myself saying things like:

“Hey, Mr Ben! Later today, you will have some…BANANAS!
And in two more weeks, we’re going to…SAVANNAH!
On the way there, we’ll have to stop in…ATLANTA!*
And someday we’ll go to Yellowstone and visit…MONTANA!
And in six more weeks, you get to see…YOUR NANA!”

*”Atlanta” is pronounced the Texan way: “Atlanna”

Ben has also figured out that when we start removing his clothes at night, it’s bedtime – and he hates bedtime. So he immediately starts yelling when we put him on the change table after dinner. In order to distract him, I will whip his pants off, wave them around and yell, “I’VE GOT YOUR PANTS!! I STOLE YOUR PANTS!! I HAVE TAKEN…YOUR PANTS!!” This is considered hilarious enough that he stops crying to chortle at me and grab at said pants.

Also, Ben LOVES it when we sing this song to him:

Again, bananas. BANANAS!

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