what riley ate today

I have a horrible cold that has been going on for a couple weeks. So my mom rustled up some Fisherman’s Friend lozenges for me. I had just opened the pack, and consumed two, when I left my desk to put Ben to bed.

An hour later, I’m back at the desk and looking for more lozenges. I find one sitting out. I figure that Mom has taken the pack, and left me one for the road. “Hey, Mom, did you take the lozenges?” I ask.

“No, dear,” she tells me. “Are they not there?”

“No. I don’t get…oh, wait. No. Would Riley eat them?”

Apparently, Riley ate the lozenges, AND THE PACKAGE. Now he is curled up in the hallway looking upset. I don’t think that many lozenges at one shot can be good for him.

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