things bought at costco

1. 750GB external hard drive, for collective storage of photos, music and video, to use with the soon-to-be-Media-Machine (the one being hooked up to the TV)
2. Wireless mouse & keyboard, also for use with Media Machine
3. Socks for me, in both work and workout varieties
4. 18 pack of flavored Talking Rain Sparking Ice low-calorie fruit-flavor beverages.
5. 3 large bottles of Woolite Dark, or, as we call it, “goth laundry detergent”. It’s hard to find, so we stock up when we find it.
6. Large container of environmentally safe Costco brand detergent for non-darks
7. One bag frozen wild caught cod fillets
8. One giant bag frozen strawberries
9. 3-pack of English cucumbers and giant bag organic baby carrots for me to take for lunches
10. Ten bottles of moderate quality wine, in both red and white varieties, which should hold us for a couple months.
11. Very large packs of batteries
12. 3-pack of toothpaste.

It amazes me that this is all justifiable spending, on stuff we will use, and some of which we actually need. And some, like the wine, is just a vice. Still, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to walk into Costco without walking out with a cargo hold full of random stuff.

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