Tonight, I am thinking how thankful I am that I did have Ben earlier than I planned. My dad was only able to meet his grandson just that once – but he got to meet him. Dad was also able to see photos and videos that I sent to him of said grandson. According to many sources, he was so proud of the little guy Paul and I brought into the world that he showed anyone willing to watch – the neighbors, our housekeeper, etc – the videos I had distributed to his TiVO.

So, while the Thanksgiving habit saying what you are thankful for may be cheesy, that’s just what I feel most grateful for right now. That my father got to see Ben, while Dad was still with us. I am sad that Ben will not get to know his granddad, but at least I can say to my son, when he is bigger, that his granddad loved him – and thought he was a fine wee lad.

The second thing I am thankful for is for all the friends and family that have reached out to me and my mother and sister in our time of grief. Friends have expressed their sympathy in the last two weeks through phone calls, emails, comments, posts, and even flowers. I am eternally grateful to have friends who care as much as mine do, and who have offered to help in any way they can. So thank you, all of you, for being there.

Now, I must go curl up with the husband I am REALLY thankful for (seriously, my husband is the BEST HUSBAND EVER and I don’t know what I did to deserve him) and get some sleep, before Mr Ben wakes up for his next feeding.

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