strange days are over

In 2000, eight years ago, I sat weeping in a half-furnished living room in Kirkland, outside Seattle. I knew George W was going to win, even before he stole Florida. I knew he would lead us deeper into fear, bigotry, war, and hate. I knew he would bring more religion into government, and resurrect social issues that would distract and divide the country. And I stayed up late, in shock, and fearing for the next eight years.

Now, that time is over. Americans have elected, with a majority of both popular and electoral votes, a president who brought us hope – not fear. I think Obama is smart enough not only to keep up the rhetoric that gives us moral support, but will find a cabinet of smart people to give him his own political and intellectual support. I think he’ll convince America, not that we need to be afraid of our times, but that we have great hope for our times.

I am so happy tonight. I am ecstatic that we, as a nation, chose hope over fear. I believe we chose the president that can focus on what’s important, without wasting the nation’s time and energy on guns, gays, abortion, Iraq. I think we can now get down to the real business, of healthcare, jobs, green technology, energy independence, and, of course, civil liberties. We didn’t get sidetracked in pettiness, about the man’s name or race. We got this done. We elected Barack Obama.

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