I just got home from Das Bootie. That would be the mash up of Das Bunker (powernoize/ebm/industrial club) and Bootie (mashup dance club). A+D came over to the Catch-One, took over one of the downstairs rooms, and proceeded to spin a series of “classic goth mixed with dance & electro.” I thought it was the GREATEST IDEA EVER, so even though I had to go alone (all my friends who would go to that kind of event being otherwise occupied and/or out of town), I went.

But before I went, I had to get all dressed up. When I started getting bigger & pregnanter, I put all my goth club clothes into a storage box under the bed, and cried. Tonight was the other side of that day. I got to drag out my favorite long, A-line PVC dress – the one I met my husband in. It finally fits again. And when I’m wearing some sort of Pants of Steel under it, I actually look almost exactly like I did two and a half years ago. Add on elbow length PVC gloves, PVC lace up boots, white clip-in hair pieces, random jewelry and a lot of makeup, and I’m back to the goth princess I was before getting pregnant.

So I went off to Bunker. And then I got to spend the next ninety minutes or so bouncing back and forth between Das Bootie and the Retro Room one room over. It was perfect. As much as I adore dancing to A + D, and think they are geniuses, not every mashup they create is going to be something I love. So I would go over to see what Amanda Jones was spinning, which was mostly what is now old EBM from the late 90’s and early 00’s. Basically, the same tracks I was dancing to, as new music, at the Mercury in Seattle. VNV Nation, Beborn Beton, Covenant, And One. Then I would go over to the mashup room to dance to Daft Punk vs NIN, or Benny Benassi vs Depeche Mode. And then, after ninety minutes or so, I realized that my feet hurt, and I was exhausted, and it was time to go home.

But it was a wonderful night. It felt so good to recapture that part of my identity that I lost when I was pregnant. It was so good for me to get dressed up and go out and dance. I feel much better now. And after a short time of forgetting I was a wife and mother, I was able to come back to my men with renewed love and appreciation for them, and for the life I have. Sometimes, a girl just needs some time on the dance floor, in a favorite dress, to really feel complete.

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