and now, some commentary on McCain’s VP pick

I seriously think my dad should get a political commentary show. I could put clips on YouTube of him yelling back at CNN, and it would be a huge hit. He enjoys calling John McCain a “doddering old fool”. McCain is four years younger than Dad. He also enjoys calling George W a “bloody idiot”. And today, he pretty well summed up Sarah Palin by saying, “Well, she’s a good looking broad – but what else does she have going for her?”

What, indeed. Other than a vehement desire to kill moose and polar bears, what else does she have going on? Since I support a socialist democracy – which is Barack Obama’s vision – I’m thrilled to see McCain pick a candidate that will sink him. The sheer threat of him pulling a William Henry Harrison, leaving a VP in power with no foreign policy experience, should be enough to ensure a loss in November.

I’m a much more optimistic camper today. We might be able to stay in the States without it disintegrating around us after all.

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