my baby and i are SO punk rock!!

Between my blue streaks & Ben’s faux-hawk, we are SO COOL we can hardly stand it.

Yesterday, I had Ben napping in his sling, on my lap, when I noticed a little buildup of something at his hairline. We wash him daily as part of his bedtime bath ritual, so I knew he had to be fairly clean. I scratched it lightly with my fingernail, and suddenly realized – that buildup was a raging case of cradle cap. I took Ben into the bedroom, near a window, and brushed his scalp with the baby brush we got at the hospital – and sure enough, a small blizzard of baby dandruff flaked off. His head was left covered in what little hair he has, growing out of a bunch of scales. The home remedy for cradle cap is olive oil, so I massaged it into his little head, and figured, while it was soaking in, he needed a faux-hawk:

And, as I mentioned, I have blue streaks now. They run under the top layers of my hair, so they’re not very obvious – but there’s enough to be clearly visible:

So yeah. Ben are I are TOTALLY REBELS in our hairstyles now.

As a bonus, here’s the little guy in a photo I took a few minutes ago, waking up from his afternoon nap:

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