go to hell, united healthcare!!

Once again, United Healthcare has denied all claims from my obstetrician.

This, DESPITE having sent me a letter saying EXPLICITLY that they would pay for these claims.

I’m sure they’ll pay the claims eventually, but in the meantime, I have to:

a) waste my time tracking down someone to fix this at UHC
b) call my OB’s office to explain what happened & let them know payment will be 30 days late

My OB’s office is already sending me past due notices from claims that UHC promised me they had paid on June 27th. Two and a half months after my transition of care was approved & made effective, and the clinic I went to hasn’t received a single dime from United.

United Healthcare are clearly trying to wear me down & nickel and dime me into letting them slide on several hundred dollars of charges. As if. I’ve got all summer to sit here, with a chuntering baby on my lap if necessary, calling them daily & having the HR department at my office followup again if I have to. This is simply getting ridiculous in the amount of time I have spent chasing them and reminding them that they promised to pay for my pregnancy.

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