random commentary notes

– Gwen & Gavin are going to have a goth baby. Now I’m especially glad that we are NOT having a goth baby. Except on Bats Day. We did draw some lines somewhere, and we didn’t think we needed to express our alternative culture by giving our baby a less-than-cheerful room. That’s why he has his adorable barnyard theme.

I don’t think you are supposed to impose your counterculture on your kid to that degree to ensure they “grow up goth” (as Gavin said). I think what you’re supposed to give them access to the counterculture & let them decide. It’s one thing to dress then in alt-rock onesies when they’re small; it’s another to immerse them in the environment 24/7. There’s a big difference between using your not-quite-sentient baby as a fashion accessory, and trying to squash its brain into a particular alternative fashion sense. The way Gavin & Gwen are doing it makes the kid sound like the goth baby version of a bonsai kitten. I say forcing your kid to dress goth is ONLY valid on Bats Day, at which point the kid is at Disneyland and won’t care.

– MSNBC just showed a clip of Michelle Obama, side by side against Cindy McCain. I have to say, especially against the minimally made-up Obama, McCain looks more like a makeup-plastered Skeletor than ever. Does she just take that whole face off at night & set it next to the bed?

– Hey America? EVERYONE ELSE WANTS YOU TO VOTE IN OBAMA. Most of Western Europe has a 30% – 50% preference for Obama over McCain. McCain is the one carrying on about globalization and foreign policy and free trade, but Europeans don’t seem to care. As for Canada, I can’t find an actual opinion poll, but there IS an editorial in the Calgary Herald today comparing Obama to Trudeau., and even the Cape Breton Post calls him a “great hope” for getting America past its legacy of slavery & hatred.

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