nursery :: before & after

Here’s the video showing the before & after of the nursery:

Before was in April – we had been tossing all sort of miscellaneous junk in there since the wedding, both baby & non-baby related, and were working on getting it back out.

After was shot this morning – the vacuum in the background is Paul cleaning our bedroom.

Major changes/items:

1) Painted room “Geranium Leaf” green
2) Warren-Kimble folk-art farm wallpaper runner
3) Framed barnyard animal prints
4) DaVinci Emily changing table and crib in Ebony
5) Organic cotton bedding set (skirt, bumpers, sheet and comforter) in natural colored in the crib (also matching organic cotton on changing table pad)
6) Curtains made out of remnant fabric from the Fashion District (instead of said fabric just being draped over the window). We used black so it would be darker & easier for baby to sleep/nap when it’s light
7) Books removed from shelves & given away or re-sorted in shelves in living room
8) Shelves now used to hold baby stuff: labeled black plastic baskets, toys, stc
9) Dutalier glider and ottoman, bought used for $320, retail still $650 at Babies’R’Us
10) Fisher Price vibrating chair in Rainforest on the floor by the futon
11) The little cow shaped thing next to the crib is a cow-shaped humidifier
12) Stroller is folded and behind the door – it’s part of the Chicco Cortina travel system (the carseat & base are in Paul’s car)

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