seven point five weeks and counting

I will be at 33 weeks this Wednesday. Which is probably why I feel totally drained and exhausted all the freaking time. I slept most of yesterday afternoon while Paul painted the nursery, and continued to nap today while he prepared to set up wallpaper. It has been hard for me to accept the physical limitation of being pregnant, and it’s frustrating for me to be tired all the time. Especially when I still have to work, and I can’t just ply myself with caffeine when I start getting tired in the afternoon. I have projects to finish before I go on leave! I have work to do that is important to me.

This weekend has involved a lot of sleeping. Paul has been a rock star husband, painting the nursery while I caught up on sleep yesterday afternoon. Today, he is applying the wallpaper runner to the baby’s room with his usual carefulness. Then we will have the room back to put all the baby stuff in that is currently all over the rest of the house. Actually, there’s even a glider chair and ottoman in my car. We finally found a Dutailier glider in colors to match the nursery on Craigslist today, but we don’t even have space to bring it inside until the construction zone of the baby’s room is finished.

For now though, I have a couple projects to catch up on for work, in between the occasional few moments where I help my husband put up wallpaper. Then I have more napping. Now, I’m going to go look for organic mattress toppers & sheets online and stimulate the economy a bit further. Yay.

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