a moment more of smugness, and then I’ll shut the hell up

I pulled off what was, by all accounts, a really great wedding, while working full time and six months pregnant. It was all about the tasklists. I wrote an entry a few days before the wedding about how I felt I’d done well in my work on this wedding, and how I’d be happy to say it went well after March 9th. And it did go well. And therefore, I’m happy – and proud that I managed to accomplish this.

Of course, this wedding weekend would not have gone NEARLY as smoothly without a few key people, like nafspeak and Vanessa, who were rockstar houseguests in helping me prepare dinner for Paul’s family on the day after the wedding – and cleaning up afterwards. Holy crap, my friends are awesome.

It is now one week afterwards, and the house is mostly clear of boxes, wedding-related debris, and unpacked gifts. Thank-you cards have been written for all but a small handful of gifts. The extra bedding used for the houseguests is being vacuumed into space bags, for more compact storage. We can now move on to the next item on the Big Life Events list: Preparing for Baby.

Also, if anyone needed ANY more proof that my husband is AWESOME, here it is: he is currently building me more shelves so I can re-organize all my pots, pans, casserole and baking dishes. I asked for many more of those sort of items as wedding gifts, without really thinking about where the hell I was going to put them. So he’s all scrunched up in the former broom closet, making shelves from scratch. I’ll have to cook him dinner for this.

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