cankles? wtf?

After Saturday, I suddenly have swollen feet and ankles. I managed to go my ENTIRE PREGNANCY TO DATE without these problems, and suddenly, I HAVE CANKLES. Not only do my ankles curve out instead of in, but they are also PAINFUL and swollen. And all I can wear today is flip-flops, and even those are cutting into the puffy tops of my feet.

I’m just bitching about this because I know swollen ankles are part of pregnancy, but so far, I’ve been SO lucky as to avoid all those negative physical effects. I don’t have zits or any discoloration of my skin. This whole cankles episode is the first bad physical effect of the pregnancy, and I’m pretty sure it is a direct effect of the wedding. The wedding was such an endurance test that my feet were aching something fierce by the end of the night (but I was having too much fun to sit down & rest for more than a few minutes at a time) and I think that pushed my poor ankles into puffiness.

Sigh. This bites. I have to go hobble off to put my feet up now.

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