in post-wedding recovery

In my most optimistic daydreams, I hoped the wedding would go as well as it did. Today, my new husband and I are just basking in the fact that it did go that well. And that we’re married, which also makes us very happy.

The wedding went brilliantly well. It went extremely smoothly, thanks to some wonderful, helpful friends, and our team of experienced, gracious vendors. From beginning to end, the day was everything we could have wanted. We had a lot of people helping us – but especially nafspeak who ROCKED THE WEEKEND. She took charge to run everything while I was otherwise indisposed, doing everything from cleaning the kitchen post rehearsal-dinner to taking charge and handling things throughout the wedding day. Also, cracksmurf played a marathon three hour set to keep the dance floor moving, when he was only supposed to do 90 minutes – and that brought great joy to our guests and to us. And my sister was brilliant – finding a way to buy me a quality strapless bra at the last minute, breaking out a spontaneous speech, and helping to make sure I stayed somewhat sane. Weddings bring out a lot of awesomeness.

Today, we’re resting up. I’m exhausted, obviously – I’d be tired anyways, but being six months pregnant means that I am also a big mess of aches and pains. Especially my feet. And the muscles in my lower abdomen, which are tired from holding the Critter here up while I bounced up and down with my friends on the dance floor last night. I had so much fun that I couldn’t stop bouncing though. I’d collapse into a chair for a while, and then another song would come on, and everyone would start moving, and I’d join in and dance. But with the pregnancy, I’m just wiped out, and I feel like I did the day after an Arts County Fair (only, thankfully, without a stadium of garbage to clean up).

Anyways, now it’s time to lie down again, and rest some more. Weddings = tiring. This wedding = also wonderful. We’ve been very, very blessed.

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