wedding weekend: day one

Today was the first day of the Wedding Weekend. Which means it was my first day off work. And it was awesome. I spent the morning at the Korean day spa with heathervescent, getting all the dead skin taken off me. Seriously, I don’t know what their scrubby brushes are made of, but with those & the salt they use, I kept seeing wads of dead skin rolling off. I have dreadful dry, itchy skin in the winter (which is only relieved by Lush’s Dream Cream body lotion – even Eucerin anti-itch only lasts a few hours) but after this morning’s exfoliating, everything feels great. I seriously need to have that done on a regular basis. Even if I felt a bit like a beached orca every time I was washed down with warm water.

I came home to find my wonderful soon to be husband going over the house with a bucket of water, a rag, and a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. We decided that the house must be EXTRA CLEAN before all our friends and relations see it. So we wiped down and/or dusted every surface possible, including the baseboards and windowsills and moldings. House is now shiny. Very shiny. We’re proud.

Paul’s friend Rachel and his brother Steve also got in today. Paul met them at LAX, got Steve his rental car, and then sent them up here, while he himself waited at the Alaska terminal for my mother to get in. Then he brought Mom back here, so we could all go for dinner at Chichen Itza before I took Mom out to the Westside to stay with her best friend from high school out there. Steve and Rachel have also headed back out, leaving us to unwind a bit. So now it’s just us, in our clean apartment, left alone to get a good night’s sleep before the mayhem REALLY begins tomorrow.

Yay, mayhem. I’d better go rest up for that.

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