as much in place as possible

I admit it – I’m being smug. My wedding is on track, and all the tasks that need to be done at this point are done or scheduled. My house is reasonably tidy – and I have the non-wedding day off tomorrow to finish getting it cleaned in anticipation of the wedding invasion. I’m not particularly freaking out over anything. I have been a bit snappish today when I felt overwhelmed, but I got over those moments reasonably fast and apologized to my soon to be husband.

Actually, I also snapped at a bridesmaid who was folding programs sloppily, but she was folding them a little tipsy, and should have been doing a task requiring less accuracy. IS THAT SO WRONG? OK, a few misfolded programs won’t matter much, but they didn’t HAVE to be misfolded.

Regardless, I’m proud of myself. My wedding is under control, and I managed to get to this point while working full time and being pregnant. For the most part, I have kept my wedding out of my job time, and with the exception of this past Friday, spent almost no time during workdays on wedding tasks (I spent a good hour of Friday on the phone or emailing vendors, because it was one week before the wedding). I have relied on Paul to help, and worked in the evenings on our wedding. I have completed items on my tasklists for the wedding and only devoted attention to time-sensitive or important baby tasks, instead of getting distracted by the pregnancy I will have three months after the wedding to address. And in all this, I have managed to keep the house from getting too cluttered, and clutter is a definite weakness of mine.

Mostly though, I’m proud of myself because I have thought everything through and paid attention to the project, and applied a level of task-based discipline to my wedding that I don’t think I would have had a year or two ago. I’ve demonstrated a level of organization that doesn’t come naturally to me, because I am a total absent-minded professor type at heart. I’ve received such positive feedback from my friends on this accomplishment, especially when a half-dozen of them were here tonight helping assemble programs. I haven’t so much worked hard on this wedding as worked smart, and I’m very happy about that. Of course, it helps that I have had a ridiculously awesome fiance who has worked as hard and as smart as I have, and who has taken on a partnership-sized share in our wedding.

And yeah, I’m tempting fate by taking such pride in all this – but that’s because I’m irrationally superstitious. And because the wedding hasn’t happened yet. I’m happy with where I am right now, one week before. I’ll be ecstatic if everything goes as planned, and I can write an entry a week from tomorrow about how smoothly everything went, and how happy I was with how it fell into place.

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