stupid pregnancy has drained my immune system

I’m sick today. AGAIN. I was sick yesterday too. I have a sore throat and aching sinuses and hot flashes and am whining a whole bunch because I rarely get sick. I didn’t take antibiotics as a kid (thanks Mom!) and I have thousands of years of ancestry on a cold, wet island (thanks Dad!) and generally have a great immune system. I’m blaming the pregnancy, because not only did I GET sick, but I’m STAYING sick, and usually, I fight off colds faster than this. Also, I am following my four-part get-better program, which is:

1) Full doses of ColdFX, the Canadian ginseng voodoo immune system booster. My mother, who discovered echinecea before anyone else did in the 80s, swears that it is the best thing since then. Also, it is the official cold remedy and preventative of the NHL!

2) Extra doses of Ester-C, which also helps immune systems, and is more easily absorbed by the body than regular vitamin C

3) Liquids, liquids, liquids, especially black currant juice cut with water, and echinecea tea with honey – not the same power as the bitter extract, but it helps my cough

4) Sleep. My father can sleep off almost anything with 24h of hibernation. I’m pretty sure this is directly due to his heritage in northern England, where it is always cold and damp. I can usually do the same. USUALLY. Especially since I grew up in a cold, damp climate as well. I’d expect that method to work even better in sunny, warm, L.A.

I know most of this is a bunch of hippie bullcrap, but it’s better than the drugstore cold remedies, and I need to kick this, fast. Anyone else got any hippie bullcrap to share? I can’t take anything with real drugs in it, due to baby, and I can’t get any sicker for that reason as well. This sucks.

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