i knew i could have worn black!

The idea of wearing black at my wedding was shot right down by my parents. And, because I am no longer a rebellious teenager, I concurred. “It would look like you were in mourning!” they said. Like I didn’t want to get married, or like I wasn’t happy about the baby. They had a point. My mom did say I could wear whatever I wanted because it was my wedding day, but I don’t feel I need to freak out the guests at my wedding with a black dress, or wear something that conveys anything less than happiness.

This came up because I happen to own a particularly awesome Lip Service dress, which is all crepe layers and lace and lacing and a high neck and open back and sleeves that end in loops over my fingers. It’s the Vagabond dress, which looks a bit like the Nuptial Bites, but has more flounces and details. I love it to bits, and happily wore it as soon as Disneyland cooled down last Bats Day. It is, without question, my favorite piece of clothing. And I wanted to wear it to get married in, because really, what is a wedding dress supposed to be if not your favorite dress ever? But I agreed – out of the 110 people at the wedding, probably 100 of them would think I was being too weird. Even for me.

However, it turns out that black dresses are all the rage in Paris! And the same wedding dresses that I HATE in white are actually romantigoth in black! Especially with veils! Maybe if I’d held out one more year to get married, the trend would have crossed to the States, and I could have worn something with a lot of black tulle under it.

Nevertheless. I did actually buy a dress two weeks ago, and it did get here last week. It happened to be a custom-made goth wedding dress I liked, in a size and style that would work with my pregnancy, for sale right when I needed it.:

I like the dress a lot – especially given what my options were with maternity dresses. It’s just not the corset-based Dark Garden couture I’d planned on before I got pregnant. Or a black Parisian runway dress. And it’s hard to be in love with a wedding dress when it isn’t ever going to be my Favorite Dress Ever. It might come in third, behind the Lip Service dress above, and the long black PVC dress I met my future husband in, but it’s not quite a favorite. Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with the dress when it got here – it’s a gorgeous two-piece outfit – and I will be delighted to wear it on my wedding day. And I think it will look quite nice next to Paul’s morning style suit (even though it is an evening wedding)

But still – couldn’t that damn black dress trend have made it here a LITTLE faster?

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