zippy has left the building

I put Zippy on Craigslist two days ago. I would link to the ad but people wouldn’t stop calling me until I took it down. So once I sold the car this morning, I deleted the ad – and the phone calls FINALLY tapered off.

Seriously, I’ve had almost 30 calls for that car, and a dozen emails. Who would have thought that a 1999 Saturn, with 128,810mi and a freaking hole in the driver’s side door would be in so much demand? Of course I did sell it for $900, which probably has a lot to do with the demand. But still. Craigslist gets INSANE. I had one guy, looking for a car for his daughter, call me twice. And email me twice. And then text me because he was driving around the major intersection I listed as closest and couldn’t find the car. I had people email offering less than my asking price, almost begging, which broke my heart. I had a guy show up this morning right after I sold the car, and when I told him it was sold, he left – and then came back to offer me $100 more than my asking price.

Selling Zippy was actually easier than I thought it would be. Except that I still have to get a California title on the car. I have a Texas title, which I acquired in 2007 after chasing Chase Manhattan on and off for a year. They kept sending the title to my Dallas address. Yes, I KNOW that I left Dallas many years ago. Chase are idiots. Anyways, it turns out I was supposed to take the title down to the California DMV and remove the lienholder from the registration. Now I have to do that Monday. But even without that title to transfer, I was still able to complete the bill of sale and the transfer of liability, and the nice people who bought Zippy gave me cash up front in exchange for those documents, and one key.

Zippy stayed here, in the driveway, all day – and then, when we went to run errands this evening, he had been picked up, and he was gone. I came back and my Saturn was gone. I’m still kind of sad about it, like part of me is missing. You can get very attached to an object in nine years, especially when it has been the only constant for that time period. I’ve always had Zippy, no matter what. 2008 is a big change year, the biggest year of my life, and Zippy was the smallest part of that, but it still took a lot to let him go. I hope his new owners treat him well.

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