arts & crafts day

One hundred tree-free wedding invitations, with about eight steps to each. This is going to take a while.

(If you’re curious, here they are.). We were especially inspired by the example here)

I’m on printing duty right now, watching Paul’s inkjet spit out a hundred invitations. Then we will sit down, slice them to size, paste them to the backing, apply the decorative dried flowers, put them in their red wrappers, seal them with glue-gun sealing wax, and set them in a neat stack. We will then wait to send them out until we have ALL our relatives’ addresses ready to go, sometime this week, so we can mail merge all the envelopes, complete with electronic postage. Also, we need to figure out whether the reply cards will have to have meal preferences on them. This wedding stuff is COMPLICATED.

We also went to dinner tonight at one of the proposed caterers – who were absolute dolls. It was a restaurant in Pasadena (Bistro 45), which was perfect. The food was delightful, and I’m sure the accompanying wine would have been as well if I could drink it. We were greeted warmly by the hostess / catering sales manager, who explained which dishes on the regular menu would give us an idea of what her proposed wedding menu would be. And what we tried was perfect: a composed salad with a cooked pear, blue cheese and hazelnuts, my herb-crusted snapper with squash and tomato coulis, and Paul’s braised lamb shank with some sort of fancy potato accompaniment. We ordered a blueberry/chocolate concoction for dessert, and it came to us with “Congratulations Paul and Jillian” written in chocolate around the dish. Awwwww. Even the French bread and coffee were perfect. I was no end of impressed. We have one more caterer to go on Tuesday, so we’ll see how they stack up.

I’m tired now. Sleeptime!

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