an unexpected bundle of joy

For those of you who didn’t hear it a week ago when I was freaking out over the pee-on-a-stick test – and you people who are not on Facebook – we have had a slight shift in our lives this week. By which I mean a MAJOR FUCKING CHANGE.

We’re expecting. I’m actually pregnant. We weren’t particularly trying – but were going to in a year anyways, so we’re just a bit ahead of ourselves. Paul is delighted. I was delighted once I came out of shock. All four future grandparents are ecstatic.

The baby is due at the end of June, so we’re going to have to move the wedding date – and location. Due to many considerations, including financial and time-related factors, we’re going to keep it here in Los Angeles, and have it in February or March, 2008. We want to be married when the baby is born. I’ll post more details when we figure out what we’re doing – and have an exact date.

So that is the BIG EXCITING NEWS! We have an impending wriggly arrival, which may well grow up to be an evil genius. We can only hope.

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