code pink protests…canada? wtf?

CodePINK is protesting the Canadian consulate tomorrow.


How did the organization I joined for the specific purpose of protesting American imperialism…end up protesting MY home country? I protested the war with CodePINK as an American citizen. I did it because I was proud to have acquired citizenship and all it stands for. But I am, first and foremost, a Canadian. And I’m NOT proud that Canada turned away peace activists because they were listed in the FBI database as criminals. Canada needs to be more selective on the resources used to determine who is and is not a criminal. But I think that CodePINK is now demonstrating the worst trait of the left-wing movement: it’s tendency to tear itself apart. Why protest a left-wing country who never supported the war? And worse, how the hell does that help end the war in Iraq?

So, my letter back to my former girls goes as follows:

Hello ladies –

I know it’s been some time since I’ve been active with CodePINK. But I do still keep up with the newsletters. And while I marched as an
American citizen with CodePINK, I am, first and foremost, a Canadian. While I’m ashamed of Canada for not issuing an apology, IMMEDIATELY,
I’m also ashamed that an organization I really believe in and participated in is protesting my home country. How is this ending the
war in Iraq? How is this working towards CodePINK’s goals? How is this even necessary when multiple Canadian MP’s have expressed their
shame in the policy to use the FBI database? (

The Canadian government doesn’t need protests outside consulates in the United States, but needs pressure from Canadian people instead.
And since this case has received media attention in Canada, I’d be willing to bet that Canadians are writing their MP’s RIGHT NOW.
But I think Canadians need to handle this particular aberration from our usual left-wing harmlessness, and I don’t think it’s appropriate
for CodePINK to be protesting outside the consulate of a very, very anti-war country. Someone in Canada screwed up by relying on a
non-detailed FBI record (I’d bet a $2 coin that database didn’t include details on Medea’s so-called crimes) at a border. This is
true. But protesting the L.A. consulate does nothing, in my eyes, to further the cause of peace, and, if anything, divides CodePINK from
their like-minded Canadian neighbors. Isn’t there a way of partnering with like-minded Canadian organizations & women for peace in Canada to
pressure the Canadian government from the inside, by their own citizens?

Yours, in peace, as always,

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